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Why does your business need ServiceNow ITAM

Why does your business need ServiceNow ITAM

Reduced administrative expenses, streamlined services, and increased customer satisfaction are common challenges for new firms. Asset management is a very straightforward solution to all of these problems.

It can be challenging to guarantee compliance of every asset, what with finding your company’s hardware, keeping track of software license agreements, and trying to curb rogue expenditure. However, you can simply control problematic assets and maintain order in your IT infrastructure with the help of sophisticated and contemporary IT asset management software.

ITAM focuses on the financial worth and risk of an asset in addition to tracking a broad range of asset inventory. It combines obligations for financial, inventory, contract, and risk management so that companies may oversee the whole life cycle of their assets to support tactical and strategic decision-making.

Overview of ServiceNow ITAM

The IT Workflows solutions from ServiceNow include a product called IT Asset Management (ITAM), which automates the whole lifetime of software, hardware, and cloud assets on a single platform.

With ServiceNow ITAM, you can manage and update your software, hardware, and configuration database applications to keep your business’s systems operating efficiently. In summary, ITAM offers the potential to scale based on your business needs while assisting with automation, simplification, and cost reduction.

For accessibility, ITAM operates on a single platform, connecting workflows and facilitating seamless collaboration. Automating asset management operations with workflows is simple, and IT optimization lowers potential risks.

In order to enable better inventory control and enhance service delivery, ServiceNow Asset Management also integrates with ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) apps.

Why is asset management necessary for your organization?

There are numerous assets at large businesses. For your teams, the asset data serves as a single source of accurate IT asset management information.

Almost all incident, problem, and change management processes rely on IT asset management data to interpret the significance of tickets submitted by end users, identify underlying wrongdoing, and establish the potential effects of the changes being considered.

Features of ServiceNow IT Asset Management

The characteristics of ServiceNow IT Asset Management are listed below.

Taking Delivery of Mobile Assets:

You will obtain multiple assets against a purchase order in a single transaction on the mobile agent platform.

Bringing HR assets on board:

You can maintain track of the distribution of IT gear and software by using an efficient onboarding process.

Dashboards and reports:

You may obtain real-time visibility into your actions using customisable, role-based dashboards.

Mobile my resources:

You can look at delegated assets, request assets, and follow incidents using a mobile device.

Contract administration:

Contracts ought to be assigned, and accepting and renewing them can be done automatically.

Asset management advantages

  • Keeping track of and knowing your assetsBy maximizing asset lifecycle investments, IT services may be enhanced and decisions can be made with knowledge.
  • Decrease of asset costsTo conserve resources, lower asset expenses and streamline asset lifecycle processes.
  • Lowering the dangerLimit risks by enforcing asset policies and regulatory standards.

By automating the processes that are then followed by the life cycle process for efficient resource usage in terms of cost reduction, asset management, inventory control, risk management, etc., ServiceNow IT Asset Management offers effective solutions to the business process.

Author : Pragya Gupta