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Enhancing Security Team Efficiency with ServiceNow and Recorded Future Integration


The combination of ServiceNow and Recorded Future forms a formidable alliance in the security industry. This integration equips security teams with a wealth of information, empowering them to proactively prevent, detect, and respond to potential threats more effectively.

Recorded Future is a leading provider of threat intelligence, harnessing data from diverse sources, including the open web, dark web, and social media. This data is analyzed to create comprehensive threat intelligence reports, shedding light on emerging threats, threat actors, and attack methods.

ServiceNow, on the other hand, is a versatile workflow automation platform utilized by many organizations to manage IT operations, security, and compliance. It automates tasks, tracks incidents, and streamlines workflows, boosting overall efficiency.

The Integration’s Benefits

The integration between ServiceNow and Recorded Future offers an array of benefits for security teams:

1. Enhanced Threat Visibility: Recorded Future’s threat intelligence platform provides a holistic view of threats, ranging from emerging risks to detailed threat actor profiles. This comprehensive information enables security teams to identify and prioritize risks and formulate effective mitigation strategies.

2. Streamlined Threat Intelligence Research: The ServiceNow platform facilitates seamless threat intelligence research. Through direct access to Recorded Future’s threat intelligence reports within ServiceNow, teams can swiftly gather critical information about potential threats and delve deeper into specific areas of concern.

3. Automated Threat Intelligence Tasks: The integration automates various threat intelligence tasks, such as incident creation, remediation tracking, and notification sending. This automation streamlines processes and allows security teams to focus on more strategic and high-value tasks.

4. Improved Cross-Team Collaboration: Recorded Future’s threat intelligence insights are seamlessly shared across different teams within the ServiceNow platform. This fosters better collaboration between security, IT, and other departments, ensuring everyone is well-informed about existing threats and potential risks.

Getting Started

The integration between ServiceNow and Recorded Future is simple to initiate. Here’s a quick guide to get started:

1. Register for a Recorded Future account.

2. Integrate Recorded Future with ServiceNow.

3. Configure the integration to align with your organization’s needs.

4. Begin leveraging the power of the integration.


The integration between ServiceNow and Recorded Future empowers security teams to fortify their proactive approach towards preventing, detecting, and responding to security threats effectively. If your organization seeks to bolster its security posture, this integration offers a compelling solution to enhance overall cybersecurity operations.

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Additional Information

Apart from the mentioned benefits, the ServiceNow and Recorded Future integration offers customizability to suit your organization’s specific requirements and is scalable to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Additionally, Recorded Future provides dedicated support for the integration to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

Author : Kaustubh Kulkarni