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What Makes ServiceNow ITSM Important for Digital Transformation?

ServiceNow ITSM Important for Digital Transformation

The adoption of technology for effectiveness, value, and innovation is known as digital transformation. And we can vouch you need ServiceNow ITSM to benefit from it.

Digital technology adoption for efficiency, value, and innovation is referred to as “digital transformation” within a company. You need ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM), which is simply the idea that IT should be provided as a service, in order to fully benefit from it.

In surveys on digital transformation, more than 70% of businesses claim to have an ITSM strategy in place, but interestingly, only 21% say they have been successful.

The importance of ITSM for Digital Transformation

A business model called ServiceNow ITSM can make digitization efforts scalable and long-lasting. There is always a chance that digitalization will produce a complicated system because it can be perplexing or “multi-layered.” As a result, businesses gain from utilizing the self-sustaining practices that an ITSM model provides.

In addition to using cutting-edge software like ServiceNow Service Management to streamline operations, ITSM is best implemented with the help of experts, i.e. someone who has ITIL certifications. Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, is a set of procedures aimed at coordinating IT services with organizational requirements. IT Asset Management and IT Service Management are two of its procedures. At ServiceNow, we have ITIL certified professionals who hold a number of advanced certifications that cover the breadth and depth of procedures used by all ITIL specialties.

Reducing Operational Costs

Extensive processes are frequently the cause of rising operational costs. This non-standard method leaves room for misunderstanding and mistakes. According to a recent survey of businesses using ServiceNow ITSM software, 42% experienced overall business cost savings. ServiceNow ITSM enables IT departments to concentrate their time and energy on new initiatives to support revenue streams, which reduces operational costs. In contrast, studies show that without an ITSM system, up to 80% of an IT department’s budget may be used for simple non-profit creation tasks.

Improved Business Performance

IT is involved in almost every project in a company, from sales to logistics. Therefore, the better it is for other teams, the more empowered an IT department needs to be. A flexible and agile ecosystem that can function in the face of change is created because ServiceNow ITSM informs IT departments of trends and concerns before other services are impacted. Due to ServiceNow ITSM’s ability to automate multiple service requests, solutions are delivered almost immediately, preventing expensive bottlenecks and enabling all departments to operate continuously and without interruption.

Streamlines Cross-Departmental Communication

An excessive amount of tools and outdated legacy systems are to blame for the difficulty of digitization efforts, according to a survey of IT professionals. As departments try to navigate silos and fragmented databases, this results in redundancies and poor enterprise integration that eats up production time. However, with ITSM, departments have access to centralized technologies and procedures, enabling changes to be made more quickly, production to be more effective, and procedures to be made simpler. Because ITSM software links departments, decision-makers are better able to gather insight, leading to the development of critical decisions and strategies that are proactive rather than reactive.

To effectively maximize ServiceNow ITSM, you must use an agile strategy. The ITSM model shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. It should be modified to suit your needs, not the other way around. Although it might take some time, if done consistently, an ITSM framework can greatly accelerate your efforts to go digital.

Author : Animish Raje