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Technology Excellence: Essentials of digital transformation

Technology Excellence: Essentials of digital transformation

Transformation! A word that is used so frequently these days that it almost seems meaningless when it comes to actual digital transformation. Nearly two-thirds of CEOs believe that technology and digital transformation will have the biggest influence on the future success of their companies. But, without the right technology excellence, the complete effort becomes futile.

In fact, 68% of CEOs intend to spend a significant amount on technology in 2022. The study from EY has discovered that increasing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and disruptive innovation were two of the top three priorities for C-level executives looking to spur digital and business growth.

It is no query on innovation being a top priority since technology drives it. However, technology frequently stifles innovation. Too many companies accept things as they are because they settle for inefficient systems, Work with outdated legacy systems and a patchwork of procedures. However, sifting through these resources is time-consuming and ineffective, depriving the company of the resources and time required to foster innovation.

Transformation and Technology Excellence

What ServiceNow refers to as technological excellence is the secret to innovation, digital transformation, and the potentially explosive growth is a little out of the box. The business imperatives listed in our Digital transformation Handbook serve as its driving forces. These requirements will give IT teams a ample chances to focus on what’s coming up and what will help the company outperform the competition:

  1. No matter what comes your way, seamless, always-on digital solutions can be made available by automating and enhancing service operations
  2. Accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge architectures and delivery techniques at scale to boost software advancements across the enterprise
  3. Despite growing security risk challenges, threat volumes, and a skills shortage, security operations must be transformed to effectively respond to ever-changing vulnerabilities.
  4. Lowering costs and risks for cloud, software, and hardware resources through systematic management of the entire technology asset lifecycle

Objectives to Inspire Technology Excellence

Three strategic goals serve as the engine behind those, or the “wind beneath the sails of the imperatives.” The objectives give justification for putting the imperatives into action and direct the technological choices that will result in the quickest and most efficient business transformation. Let’s examine these goals:

  1. Building a Modern Connected Foundation and Reinvestment

    By changing the way your teams deliver and improve value, you can spread that value throughout your company and all of the core IT and security tasks they carry out.

  2. People First Experiences

    You’ll encourage a culture of meaningful, creative work for your teams as you enable amazing IT interactions for workers and customers. On the other hand time, you can encourage your teams to work on initiatives that will have incalculable advantages for the company.

  3. Driving Innovation with Technology Excellence

    You must provide all of your teams with the security to deliver cutting-edge technology if you want to promote continuous growth.

Numerous organizations struggle to effectively collect and use customer data, transform the customer experience, and implement new technologies due to a lack of clarity in their vision and the rigidity or legacy of their technology stack and development methodology. Because digitalization can result in systems that are confusing or “multi-layered,” there is always a chance that it will. IT Transformation improves IT experience. With the Now Platform working in tandem with AI and RPA, issues are easier to identify and fix. It boosts output and harmonizes operations- and strategy-related initiatives.

Organizations are able to reinvent and digitize their business processes with a successful digital transformation. With our help, businesses can create workflows that cater to the needs of specific customers, modernize outdated systems, and incorporate cutting-edge innovations. With the help of the DxSherpa Team and the ServiceNow Now platform, businesses can gain front-to-back visibility into their operations and make the best decisions possible.

Author : Animish Raje