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ServiceNow, propelling legal digital transformation

propelling legal digital transformation

In this era of modernisation companies have to transform their approaches to keep up with the needs of their customers. To keep in pace with this rapidly-changing landscape, companies need to re-examine and change their structures to support agility. A McKinsey report reveals that compared with companies who have not embraced digital transformation, data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, 6 times more likely to retain customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable.Business owners seeking to keep pace with digital transformation must keep several considerations in mind for success. Digital transformation impacts data protection, IT security, contract design, and regulation. Legal issues such as compliance, intellectual property protection, and data security should be top priorities.

ServiceNow’s mission is to make work better for people. They strive to make work experiences, tasks like onboarding as a new employee, managing IT requests, and dealing with workplace issues simple and convenient. Their aim is to make their customer’s lives easy and hide the complexity. Employee Workflows at ServiceNow tries to empower people to get answers and help them anytime, anywhere. The Employee Workflow mission is employee service delivery, with the goal of breaking down the siloes of various enterprise business services.

ServiceNow, propelling legal digital transformation

Legal Service Delivery is the latest innovation from NowX,their internal group solely focuses on developing new concepts for digital workflows powered by the Now Platform. In early 2015, they released a simple legal workflow that routes employee legal requests and ended up with more than 200 customers using a customized version of the tool to better serve their needs. This showed them that there was a market demand for legal workflow technology. ServiceNow becomes ‘Customer Zero’ for company’s Legal Service Delivery pilot to help them own legal team manage requests more efficiently, better understand capacity and identify opportunities for self-service and automation.

The opportunity to help shape a legal product to solve many of the challenges faced, from a legal practitioner and operations standpoint, is simply not one to be missed.

The user experience and mobile experience included has the potential to be a game changer for the legal industry”

              -Andrew Brereton, Senior director of legal operations.

They start with the foundation, then onto the first level and so on.  If the roof is built on shaky foundations then the house can collapse and this is true for digital transformation also. The foundation in building a successful legal function is understanding some very basic legal data. For example, what are the types of requests our lawyers are working on? What teams are they serving? What is the true volume? Only when the basics are understood in a perfect way thenonly work can be done on more complex problems like what work to focus on for self-service or automation or integrating artificial intelligence.

ServiceNow, propelling legal digital transformation

While the ServiceNowis only at the beginning of this journey, the new Legal Service Delivery product has dramatically improved efficiency of our own legal operations. The solution is a natural extension of their digital workflows, built on the capabilities of the Now Platform. ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery will allow legal teams to kickstart their digital transformation, streamline legal processes and free up legal professionals to do the strategic work they do best.