Knowledge Article – Version Control

Knowledge Article - Version Control

Enabling Version Control:

To enable the versioning we need to install the following plugin:

Name: Knowledge Management Advanced Installer

ID: com.snc.knowledge_advanced.installer

Version: 1.0.0

Description: Use this plugin to install the Knowledge Management Advanced plugin. When you activate/upgrade this plugin, it will do validations on knowledge articles and knowledge bases to make sure that the Knowledge Management Advanced plugin can be successfully installed. If validation fails, please look at the errors in the Plugin Activation Logs and follow instructions given to fix them. Once all the issues are fixed, please re-run this plugin to install Knowledge Management Advanced.

Free: Yes.

Installed: Yes

Knowledge Article - Version Control

  1. Go to System -> Plugins and search for Knowledge Management Advanced Installer.
  2. Click Activate.
  3. After the installation is completed we need to set the property glide.knowman.versioning.enabled is set to true

Change in the Knowledge List

  • A new column named Version is added in the List View of the Knowledge.

Changes on the Knowledge Form

  • Version field:
    • If this field is not displayed on the form by default we can add this field for the Form Designer.
  • Checkout Button:
    • Checkout button checks out the latest version of the article and makes the changes in the new minor version of the article.
  • Article Version Related List:
    • This records the minor as well as the major versions.

Steps to edit the latest version of an article:

  1. If we want to make any changes to the existing version. We can click on the Checkout button.
  2. Clicking on the checkout button, the draft is opened and the version is updated to 1.01(this is the minor version of the article.)
  3. Once the article has been updated and published, the major version of the article will be 2.0.
  4. All the versions of the articles will be recorded in the Article Version Related List

Knowledge Article - Version Control

Knowledge Article - Version Control

View from End Users Perspective:

  • The user can view the latest version of the Knowledge Article as well as can view all the versions and the dates of the updated versions by clicking on the Latest Version Link.
  • The user can also see the exact changes in the different versions by clicking on the version link. Eg. 1.0. 2.0.

Knowledge Article - Version Control

  • When clicked on the specific version link. The article displays the message that the newer version is available and also display that the opened version is Outdated

Knowledge Article - Version Control

Author : Shweta Kadam