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Thought Leadership

Become Customer Obsessed not just Customer Centric!

Become Customer Obsessed not just Customer Centric!

Thought Leadership

Become Customer Obsessed not just Customer Centric!


Sales organizations need a structured sales discovery process for conversations between sellers and buyers, from initial evaluation to final purchase. At the heart of this process is an iterative methodology of providing exciting insights and asking detailed questions. This process encourages buyers to work with sellers to address essential business challenges. We call this Presales!

What our sales enablement team provides to salespeople is critical to defining the program. What we give usually takes the form of information. We divide it into two parts:

  1. Content for the buyer
  2. Best practices, research, and tools for internal consumption

Using insights, questions, and real-life experience to uncover the value for the customer

Insight-based discovery strategies have the maximum effectiveness. In a genuinely consultative discovery process, sellers use insights and questions to help buyers understand the implications of their actions and omissions as they try to solve the problem at hand. This allows buyers and sellers to learn from each other and decide whether they should do business together. By sharing relevant insights and digging deeper into buyer problems, sellers demonstrate their thoughtful focus on their customers and lead them on a meaningful journey that reflects the value of their solutions. This approach allows both parties to fully understand the buyer’s challenges in the value-driven sales cycle.

Why is the presales role important?

The Pre-sales team plays a crucial role in scaling your sales organization beyond a handful of outstanding achievements. Empower every salesperson with the best practices, knowledge, tools, and resources they need to succeed. Sales promotion’s best practice is to appoint top performers as program leaders.

Becoming a buyer-obsessed team

We are all about Sales Enablement to hunt and retain buyers. So it makes sense to base your efforts on the buying experience.

  • Make sure we understand the buyer’s journey
  • Map sales games and training to the buying experience

Pre-Sales should be part of any company culture. The adage, “Either you’re in sales, or you’re in sales support,” emphasizes that you should help drive sales or profit from them.

All parts of the organization have a vested interest in the success of sales, given that pre-sales positively impact sales. A company that understands that every employee is involved in sales performance is a company that truly understands the importance of promotion.

Sushil Chaudhari

Sushil Chaudhari
Head Solution Consulting
DxSherpa Technologies