Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) has created havoc across the globe disrupting industries to their extreme limits. With an increase in cases and fatalities, the companies in various sectors especially IT are allotting work from home and remote working as an option. This has led to a serious impact on the organizations and they are currently facing various issues like lack in manpower, lack of 24*7 supports etc. At most of the organizations, only 20% of workforce is allowed to work from the office at one time this has led to a massive lag in delivery towards clients and projects. We at DxSherpa Technologies have introduced new offerings which include Remote and onsite working and Bots to collectively work for organizations which can solve their problems in a shorter span. The Hyperautomation technique using ServiceAutomate and hire a ServiceNow developer offering by us focuses on solving the problems of L1, L2 and L3 level of workforce.

Stats on how we make a difference

Stats on how we make a difference

Hire-a-ServiceNow-developer Service

DxSherpa Technologies has introduced a new service which can deal with IT resourcing and management during the covid-19 crisis. Our Service focuses on providing ServiceNow consultants and developers remotely to any organization either full-time or on-hourly basis as per their requirements. As deep-rooted technology consultants, we understand that covid-19 crisis has created a deep rooted impact on the IT industry across the globe. Our Hire a ServiceNow developer engagement focuses on letting you connect with dedicated ServiceNow ITSM, ITOM, SecOps, CSM and Automation developers for faster, better and robust engagement with digital workflows.

Advantages of Hire-a-ServiceNow-developer Service in Covid-19 crisis

Advantages of Hire-a-ServiceNow-developer Service in Covid-19 crisis

Hire-a-ServiceNow-developer model focuses on 3 main highlights:

  • Full-time Hire engagement | Most clients prefer this option as it employs direct and clear communication with the person working on the project and to provide them full control over the development process. Client can hire experts in ServiceNow tech from us.

  • Part-time Hire engagement | According to this, we provide ServiceNow developers who will work towards your project on shared basis with other customers

  • Hourly Engagement | for small projects and to cater to small business needs, we have yet another model that works on an hourly basis. You can hire our ServiceNow experts and ServiceNow Consultants based on the number of working hours.

Hire-a-ServiceNow-developer Benefits

  • The major advantage of taking Support services from DxSherpa is the fact that due to our various implementation capabilities we have established a good skillsets to handle different level of work at L1, L2 and L3 level.

  • We ensure that the queries get responded in very minimal time and are resolved based on customer’s priority.

  • Engineers are finalized on the basis of dedicated or shared team model whichever has been agreed with the customer.

  • The engineers are available for support in various shifts based on customer location and requirement. (e.g. 9*5 or 12*5 or 24*5 or 24*7 support)


Various Operations Desk, ranging from IT to HR to Travel and more, in an organization provide various service offerings and remediation flows to the clients and prospects. The most important aspect of these brings customer satisfaction and long time engagement. Customer Satisfaction depends on the quality of customer experience delivered during the fulfillment of requests from these desks. ServiceAutomate is an intelligent operations management suite based on ServiceNow which addresses the business challenges imposed by inefficiently managed desks such as:

  • Increased Costs

  • Over-worked L1 and L2 Staff

  • Inefficient fulfillment process

  • Huge turnaround times for fulfillment leading to SLA breach

  • Round-the-clock Support

  • Overall, A Skewed Customer Experience and turns it into a delightful engaging customer experience.


With ServiceAutomate, the clients can focus on creative combination of support agents and ServiceAutomate bots which can cater the best customer experience by automating 50% of service requests related to any type of operations. With us clients get seamless customer service with reduced costs

Service Automate1

ServiceAutomate Business Benefits

  • Improved user interface with amazing customer experience

  • Automation resolution of tickets with machine learning

  • Auto-classification of tickets to save support staff time

  • Human error reduction

  • Reduction of total cost

  • Expert Analysis for optimizing the existing flows.

Why work with DxSherpa?

  • Commitment and vision: We identify strategic digital pieces to enable enterprises to embrace digital by default. It enables organizations to see the magnitude of digital impact and help them implement the blueprint.

  • Operational Excellence: Increases flexibility and agility to deploy enterprise-wide digital businesses through automating business activities, back-end process to provide better customer experience.

  • Customer Lifetime Value: To create personalized digital services resulting in higher customer lifetime value and increasing customer loyalty.

  • Technology Adoption: Implementing strategic changes in how to spur workplace innovation and cultivate digital experiences

  • Enhance Business Capabilities: Evaluate efficiencies, the connectedness of the processes and predicting risk and opportunities.

Let us guide you in the
transformation journey

Today, every organization needs to be a digital organization; powered by data, running in a multi-cloud world and ready to take on anything. We can help you prepare and create your digital future today.

Let us guide you in the
transformation journey

Today, every organization needs to be a digital organization; powered by data, running in a multi-cloud world and ready to take on anything. We can help you prepare and create your digital future today.