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ServiceNow – a ticketing tool system

ServiceNow – a ticketing tool system

Having an IT infrastructure for one’s product is a must for any organisation. Employees get a lot of benefit when these processes are automated. Automation brings some issues which need to be resolved in time. Thus, a ticketing tool comes to picture.

A ticketing tool is a way of reporting an issue or creating a ticket for developers to resolve it quickly. ServiceNow Ticketing tool is one such tool, which is one of the fastest growing technologies for IT processes.

ServiceNow Ticketing Tool

It is one such tool with the help of its Now Platform, helps to resolve IT issues on a daily basis. In this there is no need to connect to the IT Team, just raise a ticket and wait for the issue to resolve. As the ticket gets resolved we get notified.

Processes which ServiceNow follows to resolve an issue:-

ServiceNow – a ticketing tool system

How does IT Ticketing Tool functions:-

  1. First of all there are multiple ways to report an issue. It can be through Service desk, emails, phone calls or virtual agent chats or by the ServiceNow portal itself depending upon how the Now Platform is configured for use.
  2. Once an issue is submitted, two major factors decide how important an issue is. One is Impact and second is Urgency. Impact says that how much impact the particular issue is going to cause to the working. And urgency says how urgent is the issue, if it stops some other processes then its urgency is high. Depending on these two factors Priority gets decided.
    If impact is high, urgency is high then priority is also high and so on.
  3. Depending upon these priorities, an incident is assigned to ServiceNow developers. Developers will now work on them and resolve it.

Advantages of a ticketing tool

  1. Quick responses reduces time :-
    As ServiceNow has SLA’s associated for developers to resolve the ticket, it thus reduces time to wait for developers to respond and resolve it. Outbound Emails can be scheduled to get timely status of our ticket.
  2. Everything is documented:-
    ServiceNow as a tool keeps an account of all the incidents and their states. It even allows additional comments for a better understanding of the ticket.
  3. Improves productivity:-
    When such issues are resolved quickly, the waiting time for an IT employee reduces and thus productivity increases.

Some of the factors to be considered for a Ticketing tool can be Company’s IT Infrastructure, Total costs and ticketing tool for suitable IT processes.

If all these factors are suitable for your organization then ServiceNow Ticketing Tool is for you.

Author : Paritosh Linge