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How does ServiceNow Implementation work?

ServiceNow Implementation work

When any of our prospects ask us why ServiceNow Implementation with DxSherpa Technologies, we always connect with them on ServiceNow Implementation and integrated products to streamline their processes and enable true digital transformation.

ServiceNow Implementation Service is one of the core offerings at DxSherpa Technologies which has helped our customers to transition from their legacy systems to realize the maximum value from their ServiceNow investment with modernized ServiceNow Platform. We have worked on plenty of legacy tools over to ServiceNow, and are using accelerators and integration experience to speed up the time to value of any implementation. We have seen through hundreds of ServiceNow ‘go-live’ phases and accompanied our customers in countless next-phase configurations, providing broad platform support spanning ITSM, ITOM, ITAM, ITBM, CSM, FSM and HR.

ServiceNow Implementation with DxSherpa Technologies

Components of Successful implementation

Phase 1: Preparation

DxSherpa Technologies team gets an audit in process. We understand the current landscape of the company. In the audit, we understand which of the actual process needs a makeover

Phase 2: Estimation

Our team creates a ballpark estimate of the scope at hand and time taken for the implementation

Phase 3: Implementation

Our team connects with your team and completes the ServiceNow Implementation

Phase 4: Configuration and customization

Our team understands and makes changes if required in the functionality adjustments without any code changes (custom reports, dashboards, custom fields, form layouts, metrics, Service Catalog items, notifications)

Phase 5: After Launch Support

We provide after-launch we provide with ServiceNow support (usually, about 2-3 months) to locate and fix all minor malfunctions that can surface after the rollout. And, since user mistakes will be rather common and user knowledge will still be fresh, this service also includes user support to facilitate user adoption

ServiceNow Implementation with DxSherpa Technologies

What are the products involved for which we do the ServiceNow Implementation

ITSM Services for ServiceNow Implementation

  • Incident Management (removing malfunctions quicker and increasing IT service availability)
  • Knowledge Management (accumulating knowledge on incident resolution and sharing it with the entire IT support team and end users)
  • Service Level Management (tracking the speed of incident resolution and checking its compliance with the established quality of service)
  • Request Management (fulfilling end users’ IT-related requests)
  • Configuration Management (keeping track of all IT infrastructure elements and solving incidents faster knowing the interrelations between them)
  • Reports and dashboards (getting insights into IT support performance)
  • Problem Management (searching for and removing the root causes of similar incidents to prevent any more incidents of the same nature)
  • Change Management (introducing changes to the IT infrastructure to remove the root causes of problems)

ITOM Services for ServiceNow Implementation

  • Orchestration (automating IT infrastructure-related tasks outside ServiceNow, such as software distribution or password resets)
  • Event Management Operational Intelligence (supplementing Event Management with machine-learning capabilities to predict outages)
  • Discovery (Identify the IT infrastructure and understand the problems at core)

ITBM Services for ServiceNow Implementation

  • Resource Management (allocating resources and maintaining IT staff availability)
  • Project Portfolio Management (planning and prioritizing projects as well as managing their execution)
  • Performance Analytics for ITBM (gaining deep insights into development, testing, project portfolio, etc.)

ITAM Services for ServiceNow Implementation

  • Asset Management
  • Software Asset Management

CSM Services for ServiceNow Implementation

  • Customer Service Management(Improve service operations and engage customers with digital workflows. Solve customer problems by bringing front, middle, and back offices together)
  • Field Service Management (Connect field service with other teams and mobile tools to quickly respond to and prevent issues. Ensure the safety of both customers and workers)

Other Services related to ServiceNow Implementation

  • Agent Intelligence (using machine learning capabilities to automatically route incidents, identify incident categories and so on)
  • Performance Analytics (enhancing analytics capabilities to recognize and forecast IT performance trends and manage IT support accordingly)
  • Walk-up Experience (managing another reach-out channel – an onsite IT walk-up center)
  • Asset Management (managing asset life cycles to reduce IT inventory-related costs)
  • Service Catalog and Service Portal (providing a user-friendly web portal with a visual matrix of available IT services to enable employees to interact with IT units easier)
  • Virtual Agent (quickly resolving common issues with a chatbot)
  • Agent Workforce (improving IT service agents’ productivity with an intuitive workspace)
  • Continual Improvement Management (tracking and implementing IT service improvement ideas)
  • Benchmarks (comparing IT support performance against average industry measurements to back service improvements)
  • Agile Development (tracking and managing software development efforts of internal and external teams)
  • Test Management (monitoring and managing all testing activities of both in-house and external QA teams)
  • Service Mapping (binding each IT infrastructure element to a business service to analyze failure impact better)
  • Demand Management (gathering ideas for new IT services from the business, prioritizing and implementing them)
  • Application Portfolio Management (monitoring available applications to ensure their alignment with the corporate strategy).
  • Financial Planning (managing the budgets of all projects)
  • Automation (Automate all the processes with virtual chatbots and our partner AutomationEdge)

Why should you have ServiceNow Implementation with DxSherpa Technologies?

ServiceNow is a full-fledged enterprise cloud solution. It is a (Saas) software-as-a-service provider that helps provide IT service management services. It helps organizations to automate and digitize their workflows. DxSherpa Technologies is a premier partner for ServiceNow.  Our team has successfully implemented complex projects in Banking Services, Insurance Sector, Manufacturing, Aviation, FMCG and ITES industry sectors. We have implemented many turnkey solutions, digitized business processes and are specialists in implementations across the ServiceNow Landscape.  Our team has 16+ years of experience in designing and implementing ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, ITAM, HR, CMDB, CSM& UX.

We guide customers in their digital transformation journey.

DxSherpa - D

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